Medical Services

Real Health Clinic Offers Comprehensive Medical Services

Travel Medicine

Preventative medications, immunizations, and professional advice tailored to one's needs and travel destinations.

International Visitor Health

Episodic acute care for illnesses and injuries and prescription renewals given that proper documentation is provided.

International Students Health

Acute and non pre-existing conditions. Guard Me and other insurance providers accepted. Other non-insured services are available at a discounted fee.


We are dedicated to getting you back to your activities as soon as possible and a job you can safely do. You should always try to see your primary care provider first.

Driver's Physicals

We're here to help if you have no physician or you are on a deadline.

Additional Medical Assistance

If you require medical assistance outside of our hours of operation, you may visit a local walk-in clinic, an emergency department or call Telehealth Ontario. Telehealth Ontario is a free, confidential service you can call to get health advice or information. A Registered Nurse will take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Toll-free: 1-866-797-0000

Toll-free TTY: 1-866-797-0007